Want to Visit an Ancient Hawaiian Fish Pond? Now There's An iPhone App

The Hawaiian people have been practitioners of the art of aquaculture for centuries. Being surrounded by ocean, it's an obvious talent, but the advanced fish-rearing technologies that they developed centuries ago are nothing short of amazing.

Previously, the only way to experience these loko iʻa, which is Hawaiian for fishpond, was by actually visiting one of the many fishponds throughout Hawaiʻi. But now, using modern technologies, a team of University of Hawaii researchers has built an iPhone app named, appropriately, Loko Iʻa, that gives anyone the opportunity to take an interactive, multi-media fishpond tour and learn more about these amazing resources.

"The project started when we were awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a community internship program to complement our research work on the restoration of Heʻeia Fishpond, located on Oahu's windward coast," explained Judy Lemus, Ph. D., Associate Specialist & Assistant Director for The Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology at University of Hawaiʻi.

"We have a lot of graduate students doing research at the fishpond, studying how it works biologically, and how the restoration, which has been going on for about 10 years now, is changing the biodiversity of the pond. We wanted to highlight the science and also introduce more people to this wonderful resource."

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