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Deane E. Neubauer (Ph.D., Yale, 1965) is currently Vice President for Academic Affairs of the University of Hawaii, Manoa, where he has served as a Professor of Political Science since 1970. Professor Neubauer is also the Executive Director of the Globalization Research Network. Educated at the University of California, Riverside and Yale University, he has taught at the University of California (Berkeley and Irvine), held a postdoctoral fellowship in Anthropology at the University College, London, and currently holds adjunct professorships in Public Health at the University of Hawaii and the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Sydney.

His research interest lies in health policy, especially the political economy of the U.S. health care system and those of Asia and the Pacific. His work explores globalization phenomena as a major vector of social change throughout the world. In 1980, Professor Neubauer became the founding dean of the College of Social Sciences at the University of Hawaii, a posi